Laura DalSanto has a passion for helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. Her own personal experiences, advanced degrees and certifications, as well as over 15 years experience allows her to provide a multifaceted approach to women’s fitness training.

Laura combines the knowledge obtained in college, majoring in health sciences and biology, with the firsthand experience attained as a NPC bikini fitness competitor, for almost a decade. Overcoming her own health crisis was a true testimony that fitness and nutrition is an essential component of our life. Self awareness, self love, empowerment and positive energy are just a few key essentials to maintaining that healthy, balanced lifestyle us women are constantly seeking. Laura helps to connect all those elements for each of her divas she works with.

  • ACE
  • ISSA Master Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Sports Nutrition
  • ISSA Hormone and Health
  • L1 Cross Fit Coach
  • TRX Group Trainer
  • National & Florida State Licensed Medical Massage Therapist
  •  Health Sciences & Biology

  • Women's Health and Fitness
  • Personal Training & Coaching
  • Education and Inspiration 
  • Weight Loss
  • Strength-Building and Muscle Development
  • Posture Improvement
  • Overall confidence through mind, body and new focus
  • Meal Planning & Recipes


With a client list as diverse as her training methods, Laura works one-on-one designing customized programs that focus on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts.  
She specializes in educating and inspiring women to feel fit, healthy and sexy for life. Her focus on weight loss, gaining strength, nutrition and meal planning and overall confidence helps her to enhance life "beyond the barbell" for her clients.  Shifting the focus on achieving a balance both inside and outside the gym is a more unique and effective approach to fitness coaching, educating the mind, strengthening the body and cleansing the soul.  It's time to begin your fitness journey!



  • Lives in Naples, Florida
  • Originally from Maryland. Go Ravens!  
  • Favorite type of workout: High Intensity Training (jump squats, box jumps, sprints, pull-ups, push ups) & Power Yoga
  • Least fave: Steady State Cardio...unless its a power walk on the beach
  • Way to Relax: Sunset hour on my beach in paradise!  Sitting outside with a good read and good wine.  Spa date of any kind!
  • Proud momma of the diva dog, Raven Bella 
  • Favorite cheat meal:  Loaded nachos & fried calamari…not together 
  • Fave Clean food:  My thai lettuce wraps with 99% lean ground turkey & butternut squash with sea salt and hot sauce
  • Interests: Traveling, fashion, flowers and discovering new wine  
  • Top 3 must haves at all times: water bottle, phone and lip gloss
  • Recently named a 2017-2018 Lululemon Brand Ambassador

Raven Bella



BELLA       =     Beautiful
DIVA          =    Confident
FITNESS    =    Strong 

My definition of a diva? A woman who takes pride in her daily existence and an avid pursuit for perfection in everything she does.  This diva often longs to think of herself as strong, passionate, unfaltering, together and invincible.  Beauty, inner and outer confidence and the ability to do it all, whether it's being a full time working woman or a stay-at-home mom.
I consider all of my clients to be my Bella Divas and my divas become a team! They are a very diverse group of ladies that I have formed a bond with to help motivate and encourage each other. 
My goal for each client is to teach them a “forever” lifestyle that they can attain and implement for the rest of their lives!  It is not a diet or quick fix, it is all about balance and what works best for you.  

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